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    redundancy calculator ireland

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    Redundancy Calculator Ireland

    Navigating redundancies can be complex. Understanding your financial entitlements shouldn’t be. Our Redundancy Calculator simplifies the process. It helps you forecast your redundancy payments based on your current salary, years of service, statutory entitlements, and more.

    How to Use the Redundancy Calculator

    To get the most accurate estimate, please follow provide us with the following information:

    1. Enter Your Current Age: This helps us calculate your investment horizon.
    2. Input Your Annual Income: This determines the feasibility of your expected contributions.
    3. Current Years Of Service: Confirm years of service with your employer.
    4. Confirm Employee Status: Confirm if you are part time, or a full time employee.
    5. Desired Goal: Confirm what your goal is with the redundancy request and where you are in the redundancy process.

    How to Use the Redundancy Calculator

    Understanding Your Results:

    Our calculator provides two key outputs to help plan your redundancy:

    • Custom Redundancy Advice: Our experienced independent financial advisors will provide you with the best advice.
    • Total Redundancy Payment: The total amount you can expect to receive based on your salary and years of service.
    • Estimated Monthly Budget: How much you can allocate each month to maintain financial stability while seeking new employment.

    Factors Impacting Your Redundancy Payment:

    Several factors can influence your redundancy payout, especially in Ireland:

    • Taxation: Understand how your redundancy payment is taxed and any reliefs available.
    • Length of Service: How your years of service affect the redundancy amount.
    • Government Policies: Updates on statutory redundancy and legal changes affecting redundancy payments.
    redundancy calculator ireland

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    Left to right: Iain Kilbane, Declan Hardiman, Lorraine Connolly, John Morrin, Claire Mannion, Michael O’Connor, Donal Kennedy

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    Some sources of advice are very generic. Our dedicated and highly experienced team of Qualified Redundancy Consultants bring a huge knowledge of redundancy advice to you the employee, or redundancy advice you the employer.

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    pensions team ireland

    Left to right: Iain Kilbane, Declan Hardiman, Lorraine Connolly, John Morrin, Claire Mannion, Michael O’Connor, Donal Kennedy

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