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Deposit interest rates are not matching inflation, so how do I get a return on my savings or pension contributions?

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With interest rates and inflation rising, how do I invest safely without my savings being eroded? How much tax will I pay on my gains?

Save for the important things in life

Education plans, mortgage deposits, emergencies or long term investments.

Can I invest a lump sum?
Can someone explain how & where I can save regularly?

Regular Savings Plans provide for a rainy day.


Michael O’Connor – Savings Advisor

Savers in Ireland save €319 a month on average* (Irish Examiner Survey)

Owner occupied household savers in Ireland have a median savings value of €6200* (Source: CSO)

What do Irish People save for?
Buying a car
Buying a new home

Irish household wealth hits all time high despite pandemic (Irish Times Feb 2021)

Why work with Q Life?

Fast review of access savings plan

Access Savings plans allow you to save regularly while investing at the same time. You can choose from a wide range of investment providers such as; Irish Life, Aviva and Standard Life

Plan for your dreams; Education, Weddings and more

You may need a regular savings plan for;

  • Children’s Education
  • New Home
  • Mortgage Deposit
  • Your Wedding
  • Holidays

Traditional Deposit accounts pay very little interest anymore. It is possible to invest in a Pension Related Savings Account (PRSA) even if you do not have a current income. Learn how you can still get a TAX-FREE LUMP SUM from your PRSA at retirement.

What are my Investment options?

Your Q Investment Advisor will guide you through the available regulated investment funds after doing a complete Fact Find on your Financial situation. Your Q Financial Advisor will assess your appetite for risk and investment. They will also investigate;

  • All charges taken by your investment fund
  • Term penalties
  • Taxes payable on gains

Lump Sum Investment

Have you received;

  • A Lump sum?
  • Redundancy Payment?
  • Retirement Claim?
  • Insurance Claim?
  • Accumulated savings?

You need to speak to our Experienced, Impartial Investment Advisor who will provide you with best-against-the-best comparisons of all Irish and International fund performance As well as an investigation of Charges and taxes payable On your investment returns.

Savings & Investment Plans

Tired of low Deposit Rates from Banks?

Our Q Financial Advisors will advise on the full range of Access Savings Plan and Investment Bonds. Full reports on all regulated investment funds. All Charges investigated and minimised.

Contact a Q Savings & Investment Advisor today and your savings and Investment Plans can get started.

Fast Mortgage Switcher Options

Only 1.9% of Irish Mortgage Holders switch Banks even though most partially repaid mortgages could save nearly €10,000 in the final 10 years of a mortgage with a lower Loan to Value interest rate. Our Q Mortgage Credit Analyst will have options for you within 24 hours. You can make savings on your mortgage and life cover.

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