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Welcome to QFinancial Advisors, your specialists in planning Carlow Pensions. Our team is committed to delivering expert pension advice, specifically tailored to the needs of Carlow residents. Whether you are initiating a pension plan, seeking to access pension funds early, or require assistance with pension transfers, our local expertise guarantees comprehensive and personalised support.

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Pension Locations Carlow

We offer pension planning services to all locations in Ireland, including across all of Carlow including:

  • Aghade
  • Ardattin
  • Bagenalstown
  • Ballinabranna
  • Ballinkillin
  • Ballon
  • Ballymurphy
  • Bilboa
  • Borris
  • Clonegal
  • Clonmore
  • Fennagh
  • Hacketstown
  • Kildavin
  • Leihlinbridge
  • Myshall
  • Nurney
  • Old Leighlin
  • Palatine
  • Rathtoe
  • Rathvilly
  • Royal Oak
  • St Mullin’s
  • Tinryland
  • Tullow

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We provide impartial analysis of your pension considerations. Whether you have just started a new employment, are self-employed or a company director. Fill in the form to find out your best options.

Cash In Pension Early

Aged between 50 and 64?

Do you have a pension that you contributed, from a previous employer? Interested in accessing that pension before you retire? Access a lump sum tax free and look to access up to 100% of your pension.

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Left to right: Iain Kilbane, Declan Hardiman, Lorraine Connolly, John Morrin, Claire Mannion, Michael O’Connor, Donal Kennedy

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Start A Pension Carlow

Starting a pension plan is crucial for long-term financial stability. At QFinancial Advisors, we guide you through the process of establishing a new pension that matches your financial objectives. Our experts in Ireland provide personalised advice on selecting the best pension scheme for you, whether it’s a personal pension, a stakeholder pension, or an employer-sponsored plan. Start your pension with us today to secure your retirement future.

Cash Pension In Early Carlow

Cashing in your pension early can provide financial flexibility when you need it most. At QFinancial Advisors, we offer expert guidance on the implications and advantages of accessing your pension funds early. Whether you’re dealing with financial hardship or exploring an investment opportunity, our team in Ireland will assist you in understanding the tax implications, potential penalties, and the long-term effects on your retirement savings. Make an informed decision about cashing in your pension early by consulting with our specialists.

Pensions Calculator Carlow

Utilise our Pensions Calculator to accurately project your retirement savings. QFinancial Advisors offers this essential tool to help you estimate the future value of your pension based on your current contributions, age, and expected retirement age. Tailored specifically for Irish financial conditions, our calculator simplifies complex calculations, providing you with a clear picture of your financial future. Start planning your retirement today with our easy-to-use Pensions Calculator.

Pension Advice Carlow

Secure your financial future with expert pension advice tailored for Carlow residents. At Q Financial Advisors, we specialise in offering comprehensive guidance on all aspects of pension planning. Whether you’re starting a new pension, considering a transfer, or exploring early withdrawal options, our experienced advisors are here to assist you in making informed decisions.

Start A Pension FAQs

Anyone who is working and earning, regardless of age, can start a new pension. This includes self-employed individuals, or company directors. You can start a pension at 30 / 40 / 50 or even 60.

Benefits include tax relief on contributions, building a retirement fund, and potentially receiving employer contributions if you are an employee.

This depends on your financial goals, age, and income. It’s advisable to speak with a pension advisor to tailor your contributions effectively.

Yes, you can combine new pension contributions with existing pensions to enhance your retirement savings.

Options include personal pensions, PRSAs, occupational pensions, and for the self-employed, executive pensions.

Contact our pension advisory service to discuss your options and set up a plan that suits your financial situation and goals.

Unlock A Pension FAQs

You must be over the age of 50 but under 65 Your pension must be a company or occupational pension, from a previous employer. It is not applicable to government pensions like HSE/Garda.

Yes, if you have paid into a pension to a previous employer. You can access from when you turn 50 years old.

You can withdraw up to 25% of your pension as a tax-free lump sum.

Accessing your pension early does not typically incur penalties, but it may affect the overall value of your pension at retirement.

Consider your financial needs at retirement. Consult with a pension advisor to ensure it fits your long-term financial goals.

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pensions team ireland

Left to right: Iain Kilbane, Declan Hardiman, Lorraine Connolly, John Morrin, Claire Mannion, Michael O’Connor, Donal Kennedy

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